The Legend of Yukon Jack, or How I Became Liberty’s Writer of Last Resort



When I look back at my life, how the Jew thwarted every one of my attempts to be completely independent of this evil governmental system, I see a consistent pattern.  I never started out with any plan to be doing what I am doing now, I am writing on behalf of liberty because no one else will say what I needs to be said.  I say my words loud, I say them bold and clear.  I SAY FUCK THE JEW!


I do not know why people are so afraid, I am not afraid of the Jew, he is a pathetic coward, the father of liars, a pathetic worm worshipping his own ego, enslaving the Goy because of his fear of his own fictional narrative.  For instance many Jews fear the Holocaust and want all these anti-free speech laws when in fact there was no Holocaust, the Jew’s fear of the Goy is self created.

What is so intriguing is how the Jew got the Goy to worship his EGO as God.  The Jew god is not real, it is the Jewish personality assigned to deity.  Thank heaven this monster god Yahweh is not real, he is a creation of the Jewish writers who invented a god in their image.  Richard Dawkins summed up the Bible God with this quote:

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

This epic statement, the greatest summary of Yahweh to date, was a remarkable match to the Jewish personality.  That was no coincidence, it was a clue to the origin of that Bible text.  Men wrote god in their image, the Jew imagined a god who was Jewish.  It is the Jew who is jealous and proud of it, it is the Jew who is petty, unjust, and an unforgiving control freak, and so on.


I could not care less about Yahweh, what I care about are my people, all of the other people including the White People who foolishly worship this Jewish ego as their god.  The Jew is not holy, he is not righteous, he is not loving, he is not fair and just, and thus these ungodly traits should not be emulated as the highest good or assigned to the fictional mental character what we consider to be the highest love, God.

Look at how the Jew behaves in Israel, he is the most loathsome creature, subhuman, so why should we elevate the Jew to god status?  The Jew is not god, not even close to human status let alone ‘god’. The Jew is exactly the opposite of divine, but most people think otherwise because they agreed to the Jewish outpicturing of god, the unholy made holy.  Yahweh is Jewish hate masquerading as love.

What has become of us when we fight wars for the Jew?  We become the mass murderer, the torturer, the victimizer, we become all of things we are not, and we do so because we foolishly made the Jew book our holy book.  Our actions in Iraq were unforgiving and unjust, just like the Jew, just like the Jew god Yahweh, just like it says in the Old Testament.


We forgot who we were, just European warriors fighting for freedom of our tribe.  We forgot our history because we became Christian, we learned Jewish history, we were all indoctrinated into Jewish fictional narrative of Jewish kings and a Jewish virgin who birthed god in a manger in Bethlehem.  But it wasn’t true, it could not have been true, because there was no judgmental god in the first place and virgins don’t give birth.

As a result, our history is long go and mostly forgotten, in place we have Jewish history, which recent archeology is proving to be fictional history.  Thus Western culture is acting out the memes of a Jewish fictional narrative, one in which most Jews also believe.  Everyone believes is Jesus, a descendent of King David.  Both fictions.  The Jewish thieves stole their history from neighboring tribes, the Epic of Gilgamesh became the Story of Moses and so on.

Nothing you read in the Holy Bible should be taken literal, it is clearly fiction, starting with the unwritten assumption that some god might judge you.  He ain’t real, no god is sitting on some throne waiting to fuck you over after death, it is the Jew in this world doing that while you are alive.  It is the Jew and his court system that judges you here and now when you do not obey the dictats of the insane Rabbi.

Only now, as archeologists dig up the Middle East are we finding out the truth, the result is an epic fail of Israel, a nation built on complete fictions and the genocide of the natives.  How can the Jew ever repay the rest of humanity or Palestine for what they have done?  They can not make restitution and thus the problem of Jewish lying and criminality must be dealt with one final time, we must make a final judgment about them and rid the planet of their evil genome.

We act out the judgment of Yahweh.  We judge others just as Yahweh judges us.  We are still trying to appease the angry god.  In the old days we sacrificed animals to the Lord, who’s burnt flesh wafted up to the heavens and pleased the Lord.  Now we kill Iraqis with Depleted Uranium, which pleases our Lord and Savior, Supremacist Jewry.

Our biggest downfall is worshipping the Jewish god as our god and as a result Jewish will is our will.  We have lost our way and we are unable to assert our own will and thus we could go extinct.  White people are going extinct.  Why?  We can not assert our will against Jewish will.  Hitler tried and failed, so what are we going to do, just give up?  No, we must pick up where he left off, we must pick ourselves up and start the war up against the Jew, learning from his mistakes.


What is going on is a contest of wills.  The Jew is asserting his evil will against the world’s peoples, and the Jew’s technique of taking over and enslaving a population ONLY works if the population is prone to corruption.  In other words, the Goy must sell out to the Jew for the Jew to win.  So back to my own story, I was injected into this confused quasi-religious political cluster fuck because I refused to compromise.

First and foremost the Jew attacks the integrity of the system, looking for an ‘in’.   Who will be bribed and controlled, who will do the bidding of the Jew?  The worst sellouts you see on the Jewtube, the whore politicians and Zionist preachers, those willing to make a buck while lying to their own blood.  The Jew laughs all the way to the bank while his Goyim stooges sell their very souls.

But what happens when Mr. Jew runs into a personality like mine, a Great White who refuses to bend his knee to the Jew?  Trouble, big trouble.  The Jew doesn’t know how to handle me but relentlessly attack my integrity.  The Jew can feel this energy and he is troubled by it.  But my biggest attackers haven’t been Jews, they been the Goy suck ups, the Christian minions, the souls who sold out to the Jewish system.


At first I couldn’t understand why the White Christians were so against me, why did my neighbors attack me like the Jew?  I could not understand why my own kind were against me, what did I ever do to them?  Then through a series of emails with John Kaminski and World Changer, I was made aware that there was no real difference between the Christian and Jew!

What was a Christian but a Jew wannabe?  What was a Christian but a Gentile converted to Judaism, but of lesser status, not the real true Jew?  A Christian is Jew-lite, a Christian is not just in on it with the Jew, the Christian is emulating the Jew and I wasn’t and would not partake in such fraud.


As a result, my life was made hell by Jews and Christians, they sensed something they never wanted to sense, my integrity, my natural love, my unjudgemental personality and joy in being alive.  I radiated trust, home owners gave me their keys, men told me their deepest secrets, nearly every women fell in love, never had anyone made them feel so accepted because I refused to judge, I refused to be Jewish.

But they were fearful, because I didn’t believe and my very being called them on their own lack of love, so they eventually had to attack.  I recognized early on that their attack was a call for help, I saw an opportunity to figure out this huge problem with our culture.  I never had to get in their faces about their bullshit religion, all I had to do is just be me and they resented that beyond measure.  I wasn’t in fear like them, I never really believed that some god was out to get me, I never bought the Jew lies about god.

As my mind matured, as I recovered from my Catholic upbringing and Bible indoctrination, I started writing about this evil political system of Judeo-Christianity.  And boy is it evil beyond measure.  I had no idea how bad it really was until I started listening to Charlie Giuliani.  Everything he said I had felt all along, he put the words in my mind I needed to write on how I really felt about that damn religion.

Huck Finn Living Wild

Christianity wasn’t just bad, it was part of the Jew evil consuming the earth.  If Jesus is your Lord and Savior then you are not just seriously deluded, you are not just worshipping a Jew as god, you have negated your very being, you have become part of a world wide death cult that is destroying the entire planet and the human genome for the Jew.

Worshipping Jesus is death of the self and those that promote this insanity are Jewish Zombies.  Don’t you miss yourself?  Do not make the mortal mistake of making a Jewish savior your higher self, because when you do you negate your heritage, you negate your will, you erase your history, you end your European lineage, you forget your history, you become death to your specie and your genome.

I never bought this religion, my soul never let it in the Jew vibration, it was my strong connection to Nature that prevented the Jew from entering my heart.  All those awful days in Catechism were erased by my boyhood days wandering the woods, walking bare footed on the forest floor, connecting with the earth and NOT the Jew god.  Now I am proud to be the hammer of the gods, and I will beat the Jew Yahweh crap out of you if it is the last thing I do.

If there is one thing I can tell you about Christians, they are disconnected from Nature, they wear shoes and they wear unnatural colors.  Go to church sometime and objectively observe what the god fearing wear as clothing.  You will not see earth tones, you will not see dreads, you will not see bare feet.   The Christian, like the Jew, is disconnected from the earth.  The earth is dirty, sex is dirty, the goal of Christian is to get to heaven and be with the god meme for all eternity.

As a young man, when I carefully observed all those Christians hypocrites, the last place I wanted to spend forever was with them, I can’t stand being with them right now!  The idea of a sexless heaven for the rest of eternity did not sound very attractive, I wished to be with the hot women, the sexual women, not the frigid Church Lady who was suppressing her anger in a hidden fit of rage.

When I look up to heaven, I do it with my rifle, I look through my scope sights and what do I see?  Yahweh?  Nope.  I see the little black beady eyes of Mr. Jew.  It is the Jew in my sights, the Jew is my target, and I want the Jew eliminated.  To do so I must enlist you, I must convince you of my cause, I must persuade you to give up Jew worship and fight for liberty, my sword is my pen (a.k.a laptop keys).

So I say, fuck you Mr. Jew, I will never give in to your evil system, I will never relent until every single one of you mother fuckers is scrubbed from this planet and all that is left is a smear of your guts swishing between my toes and composting back into the cool earth beneath my bare feet!

let me beat the Jew Yahweh crap out of you


4 thoughts on “The Legend of Yukon Jack, or How I Became Liberty’s Writer of Last Resort

  1. Anonymous

    Aye and aye, Jack!! You ae dead-on!…I’ve read some of your work throughout the years, and it took a LOT of digging to actually find your homepage. It was well worth the effort…your work will be spread by me to all know, on ALL Social(ist) media…I agree with you, completely, about the vile, jew creatures who have all but erased any ounce of True Manhood in Our People. The first “Holywoodhoax” was a big fukin LIE, just like everything else the jew promulgates. Time for a REAL one! Thank yo for all of your work and sacrifice, Jack!


  2. Heishya

    Bible is truth. If you guys don’t think it is true, then say me why they said periods like BC (Before Christ) and AC ( After Christ)???


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