A Not So Tall Tale About Yukon Jack


follow natures trail back to sanity

Once upon a time, a long time ago in a slave Midwestern state, a young man who was to become Yukon Jack the writer was having a magical boyhood in the woods observing Nature while trying to escape the religious indoctrination.  I was born into a sexually repressed and very deeply emotionally depressed Christian society and I didn’t like it one bit and I found my escape by getting away from my family and being alone in the woods.

Nature was my refuge from the madness of modern society and its slave indoctrination centers called churches and obedience centers called schools.  I wanted nothing with neither, don’t get me wrong, I love to study and read, but I didn’t like adults lying to me about God and history.  It was only a matter of time before I and many others were singing along silently with the hit Pink Floyd tune Another Brick in the Wall:

We don’t need no education
We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

My teachers recognized my resistance and often made examples of me, embarrassing and humiliating me in front of the rest of the class.  I took the abuse nobly.  You really have to be an arrogant asshole to do what every teacher does in America, stand up in front of bunch of innocent children and lie your ass off just to get a paycheck.  Most teachers are pathetic cowards, spineless bricks in the church-state wall of evil.

I can still vaguely remember when one lay teacher teaching catechism, a stern yet nice older woman looked directly into my eyes one morning and said to the class and to me, “You really don’t believe what I am saying do you?”.  I didn’t answer out of pure fear, there was no way I could challenge the entire doctrine of what was being offered, I just stared blankly back at her incredulity as if looking at a nondescript ancient brick wall that needed to be torn down.

I can remember my entire life as internal rebellion against all that was being imposed on my impressionable mind, especially by the religion of my parents.  What I wanted and what they were saying went against my desires, my very being was trying to flee their self imposed imprisonment.  I didn’t know it at the time, but now after decades of soul searching and writing I can now articulate the situation, I wanted to live and they were already dead and awaiting termination.

Christians are part of a huge world wide Jewish death cult, they are real life Zombies whose brains are infected with death cult memes.  Religions are memetic viruses being passed from generation to generation, they are not truth about god or our life-death situation, they are simply memeplexes that gained dominance by rules of Natural Selection.  Memes follow the same rules as genes, they have to survive, thus religious memes that survive are aggressive and dominant regardless of what they are doing to the human host.

The incredible popularity of Pink Floyd’s number one album of all time The Dark Side of the Moon, meant that I wasn’t the only one, and I hope my essays appeal to those that also want to live, to really live life outside of the repressive Judeo-Christian culture of endless warmongering.  I am sick of Christianity and the Amerikan nation it built, a disgusting nation of cowardly Judeo-Christian retards now celebrating the American Sniper movie rationalizing the mass murdering actions of it’s Christianized soldiers.


During my upbringing, I didn’t feel very connected to my own family – religious indoctrination can do that, those that were buying the religious memes felt alien to someone outside that mental structure, by letting the Christian program into their souls, were becoming intolerable to my very being.  As a result I became alienated from my own family, I was having nothing to do with the Jew religion of Christianity, its self sacrifices, it’s end of life survive death wish.  I couldn’t understand why anyone even cared, who cares about old age or dying?  I wanted to live now, those concerns of what happened after death were not part of my reality.

I had no idea at the time what was really going on, that humans were just the first earth specie gaining self awareness from an evolving big brain.  They were waking up in the matrix, they were scared out of their wits, afraid of starving, afraid of not having enough.  Religion gave them the answers, religion tamed the terrified mind.  Americans, who had more than any other nation in history were the most scared, so repressed and frightened as to put up with the completely contrived Vietnam War, killing without conscience.


The Vietnam quagmire was a perfect reflection of middle America, bound to duty and to death cult memes, “God and Country” as they say, Americans suffered their own internal cultural insanity.  After all it wasn’t Hindus sending their children overseas to kill some fourth world rice patty dwellers – it was first world Judeo-Christian Yahweh indoctrinated war mongers doing, waving the flag and clutching their Holy Bibles and perfectly willing to kill the incredibly gentle and beautiful Vietnamese people.

Americans can not believe they are the monsters tearing up the world for their Jewish masters, this is due to the myth they whole heartedly subscribe.  Western peoples can not see the monster within, that monster is the the Jewish written Holy Bible indoctrination, the upload of the evil memes that turns a normal loving and joyful human into a Talmudic directed psychopathic killer.  Yahweh kills and to be a man, to be right with god, so must you kill for the Jew.  This Jewish Bible hatred for the other drives American wars, witness the popularity of psycho Christian indoctrinated sniper Chris Kyle.

ww3 ukraine

Not I, I wasn’t fooled by any of it.  I knew it was wrong, I could feel it was wrong.  That is what separated me from them, those internal soul feelings were more dominant in my being than theirs, I did not let fear rule, I did not believe in a fear based myth, I did not feel that I needed to be saved.  So my other favorite song in those unbearable teen years was Baba O’Riley by The Who with the infamous lyric “I don’t need to be forgiven..”

This idea that I was somehow born guilty and owed my life to God, or that I owed a corrupt government taxes or war service didn’t resonate with me.  I didn’t owe anyone anything and all these adults who thought this were already dead.  Teachers and preachers are real life Zombies, dead people that want to eat your brains, infecting others with their memetic viruses, getting others diseased to do the dirty work of the Jew.

We are free beings on an lovely planet infested by superstitious Bible carrying primates who are to timid to confront their own fears and are willing to bomb whole nations into ruin before they self examine the bullshit Bible memes running on their brain hard drive.  The God of the Jews is a big mother fucking lie and Christians need to get over it and see the Jewish shitheads starting WW3.  No god tells you to kill the other.  The Jew simply invented a god to motivate you to do his dirty work.  God is a meme, he only exists in a book and in your mind, and once this virus is uploaded, the infected becomes the tool of the Jew.


What took my entire life to realize is that Christianity is an insane Jewish death cult.  There is no angry god, there is no afterlife punishment, no god is going to judge us, no loving god is even capable of judgment.  Humans judge, not god.  Those in the flesh judge, those in spirit can not judge. Judgment is associated with competition for food and survival in the material realm, judgment has no role in the realm of spirit.  All those who go to the other side tell us that is the way it is and that can also be logically deduced.

Since there is no judgment except from us (and no afterlife judgment except the one we imagine in the next life), we are obviously projecting our own limitations into that realm, thus we don’t need to be saved by Jesus or anyone else. We only need to be saved from Jewish literature.  We need to be saved from the bad thinking of Mr. Jew.  In fact our salvation comes when we as a specie wake up from history and then end the Jew, but first we must realize that believing in a judging god is making our collective ego god.

So while the whole world is completely mad and going to hell in a hand basket, you won’t see me holding hands with the Gentile slave singing praises to Israel or Yahweh, you will never see me at a Christian wedding or saying dinner prayers to the father god, it is all an insane lies of power mad theists who made you feel guilty for being alive.  The judging Jewish ego is not my god, the Jew is not my god, the Jew is the evil consuming the world and salvation is realizing that the Jew is Satan.

real salvation is the realization that there is no judging god

I want nothing to do with Christian Amerika.  I will be running from you Christians in the glorious healthy body that Nature created, without shoes I will be running down that pristine redwood leafed trail back to the godhead, away from you.  Like a deer I will run from the madness of this world and the myth that bonds you to the Jewish warmongering civilization that never satiates it’s bloodlust.  Have fun in your upcoming wars, have fun acting out your Bible memes, have fun killing for Yahweh, have fun taking your soul to hell for the ego of Mr. Jew.

So what I see coming this year is nuclear war with Russia.  This insane culture not satisfied with the Jewish bloodlust of wrecking so many Middle Eastern states, is not completely out of it’s mind arming the Kiev Junta, the Jew installed government attacking it’s own citizens exactly like the Israelis attacking the people of Gaza.  They are now shelling civilian areas just like Israel does.  Mother fucking Jews are starting WW3.  Are your ready for the fallout?


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