The Trauma of Being Alive in a Profoundly Sick Society


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This essay continues my perception of someone living amongst religious death cult Zombies, those that subscribe to the disturbing mind programs of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  The main tenets all three of these religions are patently absurb.  Most people who read this probably proscribe to some religious Judeo-Christian principles, so let me start by knocking down the main tenants of Islam just to prove to you that I am not just picking on the downtrodden wittle Jewish people.

end of days for religion

Judaic religions are actually mental insanities founded by stacking unproved memes upon one another and because of the incredible harm they do to society they should be outlawed.  The crazy Bible stories start in Genesis with tales of floods and talking snakes, the patriarch of the entire Jewish line, Abraham, is clinically psychotic.  No god ever told some guy to take his kid up on the mountain and slit his throat as proof of loyalty.  No good spiritual deity would of made that demand, only something evil would do that, such stories are obviously written by the Rabbinic priest to trick your mind into loyalty to god and thus the priest.

Only the crazy people would think that Jewish innate psychopathic tendencies. like to kill one’s oldest son, are are “voices from the angels” or “contracts with god”.  Three of the world’s biggest religions are based on this primal story, and those that are living free have to deal we these profoundly disturbed religious followers who insist that such stories of insane behavior are “revelations by God”.

psycho abrahamic religions

Abrahamic Religions All Start With a Psycho Patriarch

Obviously Abraham was a sick Jewish patriarch who imagined or heard a voice from his own fearful subconscious to kill his own progeny, anyone who attempted to do that in the modern world would soon have the attention of child protective services.  When he was just about to do so another part of his being, like his higher consciousness, intervened and told him to stop.   That is just like the mad killer who is going to drive a bus load of nuns off a cliff then at the last second slams on the brakes and says “No, what the hell am I doing?”.

We wouldn’t start a religion based on that person’s experience, would we?  We wouldn’t venerate the psycho killer who changed his mind at the last second yet this is exactly the foundation of Judaism.  Only the Jew, who is so egotistical and narcissistic would even think that such an experience is a profound spiritual conversation with God Almighty.  What a laugh, and this crazy story of this Abraham nutcase is the foundation of three major world religions!

This story is probably an invented story describing that point in time where men had evolved and started acting out of higher mind, instead of sacrificing their own to the gods, they change to more humane behavior. The Bible should not be taken literal, primitive stories like Abraham should only be taken seriously in advanced psychological studies by college students.

Human sacrifice is a common experience amongst tribal cultures and it is based on the superstition or misunderstanding that god needs something.  But if god has everything then why would he need sacrifices?  This a projection of the human ego onto deity.  God doesn’t need anything, he never did, and your specie doesn’t matter anyways. It is only the human ego that has elevated himself to having imagined conversations with god and and placing himself at the center of the Universe.

All the other hominid species have vanished, 99.9% of all species have come and gone.  Only you thinks your special.  Humans are like Forrest Gump, thinking they are special, but the hard cold fact is that we can wreck this planet and wipe ourselves out because of our god beliefs.  So if you want to survive you’d better get your head out of the Bible and start dealing with the reality of Jewish rule.

You have to wonder what this guy’s wife thought, geez … I married the head of the tribe and he wants to kill my child for the Lord.  Horrified by her psychotic husband with the knife, she probably said nothing fearing for her own and already in despair for her hand maiden, that bitch Hagar, who was knocked up earlier with Ishmael.

Five Pillars of Islam Knocked Down

So what are the five pillars of Islam and why are they just rules that you can follow but not profound revelations. Islam is a militant religion reinforcing the memes with rules of obedience, tolerating no dissent, making absolute claims on unprovable concepts.  Successful religious memeplexes survive and thrive because of the militancy of the memes, not because they are real, true, or metaphysically correct.

five pillars of islam don't matter

The first pillar is a statement that God exists.  Since you can not prove that god exists or that your god is the one true god, it is a statement of faith.  Faith is the state of mind in believing in something without proof.  Faith is where the mind starts slipping into the state of crazy, because once you accept something without proof, what else are you going to let in?

So first contact with Islam we have the god meme, the unproved god meme.  Maybe god is your subconscious or superconscious mind, so why deify it?  If you are hearing voices like Abraham, why assume god is out there, maybe god is in there and part of self.

So right off the bat, the first pillar of Islam makes you patently insane.  The believer can not prove “god”, thus the believer is literally insane.  If you want to believe that Mohammed had some profound insights, then go ahead, but to claim that this one guy was the only true prophet of the one and only god sure sounds like religious fascism to me.

fasces bundle of sticks

Once you accept the god concept the theist can then addon more memes to suit his purpose of control.  God is invisible, god is all powerful, he knows all of your thoughts, is mad at you, and he wants you to pray five times a day. Really, why would “god” want you to pray at all?  Maybe god wants you to live and quit praying and quit worrying.  Maybe, just maybe, god doesn’t need you to do anything.

Maybe if you really believed in God you wouldn’t even need to pray, only completely let go of control and let God manifest without your concerned appetite for saying the same prayer to god all day long.  Really, if God exists, then is he deaf, did he not hear you the first time?  Maybe praying again and again is pissing him off like a persistent wife that wants a new unaffordable dress.

Prayer is focused thought and when you graduate from from religious pre-school you might intuit that all you really have to do is focus your mind on what you want and presto, there it is.  The Universe is a big copy machine and you are sending it orders via thoughts.  No one needs to pray to god or for anything, all you have to do is feel it and wish it and the magical hologram gives it to you.

God doesn’t want you to pray or prey on others, which is what prayer really is when you pray for outcome. This theistic demand to pray five times a day is the Imam collecting political power with your power. God needs nothing, the priest running the state needs everything.  Rigid requirements for prayer is getting everyone in line with the fasces bundle, Islam, like all religions, is about getting power.

The religious tendency to pray to god all day long is really proof in lack of faith – if you really knew god was there then you wouldn’t have to pray at all.  No master prays to god.  In fact the master doesn’t pray for anything because he realizes that he needs nothing, that all is automatically being provided by an intelligent universe.

With any rigid memeplex, dominance comes without any dissent amongst the followers, no one is allowed to question the doctrine, no matter how absurd, because that would challenge the authority of the text that the theist is using to get control over society.  So pray you must for the religious authority to maintain control.  Islam is, therefore, not real spirituality but political control and the demand for its followers to pray at set times is the wish of the priest who gains political power with your obedience.


And we all know what happens when you consolidate the “gods” into the “the one true god”.  Monotheism is the original source of fascism, the forcing of everyone in society into one fasces, one tightly wrapped bundle of sticks.  So what is the end result of a single god, a very boring and very rigid fascist society ruled by psychopaths.  Not surprising, because no dissent is allowed – in fact you are not even allowed to not believe in the fairy tale about God and his “true” prophet.

So don’t tell me about how tolerant Muslims are if you are not allowed to not believe.  Am I free?  Am I free not to believe in your insane memes about god?  Here’s the deal, what you are saying and claiming doesn’t even make logical sense, it makes sense only to you because you are programmed but I am thinking logically.  Don’t tell me about Allah, Yahweh or Jesus when you can’t prove that these personalities even exist.  Your belief means nothings, every human ape used to believe in the flat earth or the sun as god.

Destroying the Five Pillars of Islam

Laugh if you want how absurd Islam is but you in America have the same damn thing, its called Mormonism, which like Mohammed, is started by one slick salesman, Joseph Smith, a real life snake oil salesmen turned “the one true prophet of the one true God”.  Just like the Koran, the Book of Mormon is formed from the plagiarized text of another book, the retelling of the Old Testament Yiddish fairy tales with a new world slant.

If the first book was wrong then the respinning of the new book has to be wrong.  In fact without knowing a single Old Testament verse I can prove that the OT has to be incorrect based on the observation that it is formed out of thousands of unproved memes, many that are highly prejudicial.  Both Mormonism and Islam are into rigid tithing, with the Mormons stuck on 4 times the rate of Islam, 2.5% vs. 10%.  So perhaps it is better to be poor in desert hell hole of Utah than the desert hell hole of Saudi Arabia.

And what profound revelation did ‘ole Joseph Smithstein get from “god”.  Take multiple wives when men outnumber the women, and if you can get away with this godly lust in your desert hideout far away from those boring Christian monogamists.  So give Mormonism it’s due, it’s a religion for devout horn dogs.  Fuck your way to god and pass the ammo.

But I digress, the fourth pillar of Islam, fasting, is completely unnecessary and really just voluntary torture.  Why not do us all a favor and go all the way and starve yourself to death?  Most animals do not practice involuntary fasting, in an abundant Universe, no being needs to starve or practice starving or be tortured by religious memes.  Fasting is just like Catholic penance, unnecessary evil.  Why not be happy and fed all of the time?  God never told his prophet for you to starve and be uncomfortable, that is omnly the claim of the priest aligning your will to his will.

There is no sin, only guilt taught to you by the priest.  No one needs to suffer and all we need to do to end suffering is to end the reign of the priest, to end these insane religions that venerate suffering over living.

Be advised, drone operators love to smoke wedding parties.

Finally, no one needs to go to Mecca or Rome or Katmandu to get to god.  If god is an internal experience you need not travel to some so called holy sacred site.  In this day and age of endless Jewish warfare that is wratcheting up to nuclear confrontation, going to any Middle Eastern sacred site like Mecca is really foolish when we are facing drone strikes and nuclear blasts in any congregated area of Muslims.

Christians More Insane Than Muslims

Christians love to mock the stupid Muslims as if their religion was better.  It is far worse, at least the Muslim believes in his one true prophet Mohammed who actually existed, a real historical character, not the completely contrive Jesus character.  Jesus is fiction and Mohammed, unfortunately, was a real person.

So right off the bat the Christian is far more insane than the Mohammed follower.  Christians are spending their whole lives praying to and worshipping a fiction, some even believing they are having a personal relationship with Jesus.  LOL  Yeah, Jesus, that fictional character born a virgin by Josephus.

To make matters worse, the Christian is even less aware than a Muslim about the Jewish problem, the Christian is taught to revere his very destroyer, at least the Muslim knows the Jews are mother fucking pricks, the Christian has not a clue.  Those young men who grow up in the Bible belt have no idea how easily the fascist Amerikan state can manipulate them into doing the dirty work of the Jewish elite.


All Evangelists Christians just love Israel, the very nation that did 911, the very racist nation that is for Jews only, that apartheid state that hates Christians, that murdering nation genociding the locals.  Praise Yahweh, praise Israel, “have you heard about the Gospel of Lord Jesus” are modern memes of a profoundly sick society of religious fruitcakes.

What no Christian has figured to date is that god doesn’t write books, Jews write books, and since Jews are pathological liars their books are unholy collections of lies.  So go ahead and believe in Jesus all you want, your belief means nothing is a rational world of science.


Jews Clever, But the Most Insane

These ripoff artists gypsy thieves called Jews have a book all about god who most don’t even believe.  Most Jews are atheists and are to busy ripping off the Goy to even care about god.  The Jew is intentionally causing harm while claiming the highest spiritual status, yet the victims keep right on believing.

Every Jewish holiday a celebration of mass murder and deceit, what a wonderful fucking religion.  LOL.  Who the hell thinks Judaism is even a religion anyways?  It’s a system of ripping off stupid goyim.

No wonder the Jew despises you, if after centuries of ripping you off with just a book, the Jew has laughed his way to the bank so many times he has cramps in his little fat legs.  How many more wars are you going to fight for Israel?  How many more dollars in taxes are you going to pay to the Jewish Federal Reserve syndicate?

useful tip

The Jew rips you off, left, right, down the middle, up and left, sideways and you still play along.  Why?  Because you believe in his god, his completely contrived god that made him the chosen one.  Because you feel guilty you pay and pay and pay.  You owe god, you owe us says the Jew.  Holocaust sayeth the Jew and you pay and pay and pay and it never even happened.



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