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yukon jack reboot your consciosness

Every once in a while I reach a critical level and suspend writing for a moment, my being in a process of rebooting, a new realization surges through my mainframe and I have to shift perspective.  We all do this, rebooting our consciousness when our paradigm shifts, when new realizations force a change in perspectives.

yukon jack illusion changing your consciousness one essay at time

This has happened many times to me and probably to you and everyone else, but no one clarifies what this process actually is.  Well, let’s use a computer analogy, we are like computers, we are processors of information, and every so often we can upgrade our consciousness to a new level.  We reboot after an upgrade.

I hope my essays are changing minds, I hope I am inspiring you to create a new society, one free of Jews.  I hope I survive Jesus on the cross and Jewish foreign policies.  How about you?  Do you believe in the Jewish savior?

I wrote recently about the trauma of being alive in a profoundly sick society, describing my angst of being here, in this hell realm, called planet earth.  Hell is a real place and it is called Amerika, a police state nation run by Jews.  Funny how the hell fearing Christians have created unto themselves with their intense Biblical thoughts a perfect hell by foolishly honoring Jews.

jew hell police state america

Christian fear hell and have told me hundreds of times to fear God.  I love Christian logic.  Fear hell and fear god are their mantras.   Fear and hell and god equated into a formula of perfect destruction.  Perhaps someone should tell them that you think is what you create.

I have to honestly tell you that I never feared God or believed in the Bible.  Even as a young man in Catholic School, such concepts had no resonance within me. It took me decades of understanding the predicament I was in, surrounded by God-fearing Christians and their for profit war mongering death cult.

All I had to do was believe and I would be in!  Believe, young man, believe they told me!

Unfortunately for me I never did because I could not accept such blatant lies as my inner truth.  How about you, do you believe in the Jewish savior, who died for your sins on the cross so that you could live in heaven forever and ever with like minds?

I do not like the Jew or his religion, nor do I like the spinoffs like Christianity and Islam, nor do I agree that I need a savior or that Jesus dies on a cross for my sins and redeemed me with a blood sacrifice.  Such ideas, to me, are irrational, superstitious, and barbaric.  In fact, I say belief in any part of the Jew Zeus story is perfect insanity.

belief in the jews holy books, jesus, and redemption is perfect insanity

As I been reiterating over and over in hundreds of essays, there ain’t no father god, nor angry god, nor judgment, sin, hell, devil, afterlife punishment.  It is all a big fat Jew lie.

So what am I doing writing, exposing to the light of reason, the insane Christian mythos?

I am self-healing the trauma I experienced growing up in a profoundly sick society.  Practicing Jews are one thing, believing Christians another, combine these two forces of into the sick twisted theology of Zionism and you have hell on earth. A self-created hell by deluded fearful minds.

Christians actually fear that not supporting Israel is an affront to God, and idiot Jews believe the Holocaust myth.  But what is reality?  Israel is a hell nation that should be bombed and the fear of the Bible verse replaced by bold action of burning Bibles.

Is that radical enough for you? What else do I say?  Not only should we burn Bibles and round-up the supremacist Jews; we outlaw the practice of Judaism, we burn the Christian churches to the ground, imprison the preachers, priests, and Rabbis, and then we have kill teams scour the land for infidels who refuse to give up this insanity.


Because Judeo-Christianity is an intense mind spell that is destroying all life on this planet.  The same is true for that other insane religion, Islam.  The deception Jew and their twisted sycophants want you to believe Muslims knocked down the towers and that Islam is the threat to the nation.  Muslims are the obvious patsies in a for profit war mongering false flag staged event.


No one should be allowed to possess a Bible or practice Christianity because of what it has done, allowing infantile minds to read the Bible is like allowing children to play with matches and gasoline.  The results are the same.

I am healing and like the other writers, teaching.  That is all I can do when surrounded by friends and relatives that believe in the resurrection and salvation of Jesus Christ, a fictitious character who never even existed.  What else can I do when the entire culture labors under evil myth, as if all of humanity are mindless bots of the Jewish Christ?

Belief in the Lord Jesus Christ is not just irrational, since there is no angry God or afterlife judgment,belief in the Jewish savior is a deadly sin, an error of judgment, the death of yourself and possibly the specie. How great is this delusion?  You are believing in a Jewish savior when, in fact, you need salvation from the Jew, not the other way around.

Belief in the Jew thesis of Yahweh and redemption by the bloody death of Jesus on a cross is pure batshit insanity.  Christian theology is loony tunes, and in my many essays I tried to wrap your mind around the concept that we live in a hologram of hell created by faux beliefs.  No one needs to be saved from God, we only need to be saved by the perpetrators of the God hoax, Jews.

The unwritten premise of the Holy Bible is that God is angry and judgmental, which are obvious projections of the writers own traits onto deity.  Likewise, Christ is another illusion as illustrated in this next chart:

increasing awareness is a vibration

First, the character Jesus never even existed, so proves Joseph Atwill in ‘Caesars Messiah’.  Since there is no judging god up there, you don’t need to be saved, so you don’t need a savior, especially a Jewish savior.  Third, father, son, and holy ghost are metaphors for your body, mind, and spirit.  It was all an illusion, the greatest deception of all time, trumping the Federal Reserve and the Holohoax mythos.

We live in a multilayered Jewish simulacrum of lies and deceptions.   I am trying to trump Jewish mind manipulations by moving my consciousness to a much higher level that they operate with their black magic deceptions and mind spells.  I am trying to wrap my mind around what they are trying to do to us, then present information in an essay that transforms our understanding of their behavior and degeneracy so that their system is neutralized and overcome.

So on June 1st, 2015 I am reporting from the conscious being known on the internet as ‘Yukon Jack’ and I will be bringing you the best my imagination can come up with, to help all of us, including myself, overcome the Jew and his terrible ideologies and deceptions.




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