God Earns an F- Dealing With Humanity



According to billions of people, religionists of all Abrahamic stripes, there’s this omnipotent God that interacts with humanity and the world.  According to them, God even wipes out all of humans periodically save a chosen few.  According to them he talks to us, intercedes on our behalf if we have faith.  According to billions of people, God is a potent interactive force in the world.

Neale-Donald-Walsch quote on god talking and you listening

Everyone knows about how powerful God is, because we are taught these stories from a young age and they are reinforced in Hollywood movies and on the Jewtube, there are many television shows all reinforcing the God meme.  Preachers broadcast their megalomaniacal mega-church insanity, you can’t possibly miss this God meme if you have a pulse, you can’t possibly grow up in America and not know about God.

god is a big deal in america

I hate beating a dead horse, but there is no way to separate what is happening to us, the loss and liberty and freedom without talking about God.  God is the core issue in American politics, anyone who doesn’t believe in the God meme is not going to last long in America, and you’d better adore Israel and the chosen ones or you might end up dead like Paul Wellstone or John Kerry.


So how should we grade God, the omnipotent deity, that everyone believes in, and our experience?  According to every book on this subject, including the New Age books that I read daily, God still talks to us, God is wired into the matrix, God is the matrix and will talk to us.

Neale Donald Walsch reports, in his ‘Conversation With God’ book series, that God is talking to us all of the time, the problem is that most of us are not listening to him.


Are you satisfied with his explanation, one that gets God off the hook again?  Just as in the Holy Bible, man is to blame for the failure.  God did not fail us, we failed God.  This idea is being carried forward from Old Testament to New Testament then all the way to now, the New Age.  Man is to blame for the God failure.  This is a ridiculous assertion if you really think about this God-man interface.

I am not satisfied with that explanation, the Holy Bible is wrong about origin, about the power of God, about Jews and Israel, blood sacrifice and salvation.  So why should I accept this blame for God’s failure to perform?  I say God has failed.  I say loud and clear the problem can not be with man, it is with this idea that some God is interacting with us.  It can’t be true.

According to the theists, God made man.  Even today, even with those religions that accept Evolution still assert that God made man.  Makes sense, if you are going to believe in God then it only makes sense he made us.  Ok.  So how can you blame the creation?  If we are failing to listen, then isn’t the Creator to blame for that failure?

Let me illustrate this with an example, a portable computer that represents you and the WIFI field of information.  This is a perfect analogy of you interacting with God.

human Consciousness interacts with God matrix

If I create a WIFI laptop that communicates with the World Wide Web (the god matrix), and the laptop fails to receive instructions, fails to upload the program, fails to believe and obey the instructional code, then who is to blame?  The laptop, or the inventor of the laptop?

The theist argument of blaming man for humanities failures can not exonerate God.  God is always to blame because God created Universe, meaning God created all the particles, matter, consciousness, interactions, plays, life lessons, etc..  God created all of it, so only that entity could be blamed for any failure of creation.   N’est-ce pas?

Any failure of humanity to receive and upload inspirational advice still rests with the creator since the motivations of the human being are also part of the creation.  If God created us then he created all of us including our receptive ability and the emotional body that processes the God instructions.  If we fail to take God’s advice, then who really failed?


So I ask, how should we rate God’s performance?  What grade should we give God for the human experience?  What grade would you give God?  Would believers grade scale God higher in order to earn additional credits, kiss up to the almighty, play teacher’s pet?  You bet they would, Christians are all playing the god ass kissing contest.  You can not ask an ass kisser to rate the boss.  So the question is, how would an object reviewer grade God?

F minus.  God has earned an F-.  God has failed us, we did not fail God.  Look at the world today, take a good look at the most God fearing nation in history, Amerika.  God failed and everyone is fucked.  God has completely failed us and has justly earned an failing grade with prejudice.

So what are you going to do, keep following this Judeo-Christian god who has completely failed you, and allow your nation to be consumed by the Jewish predators, or are you going to stand up, stand tall, and defend your nation against the believers of the god that failed?

The obvious solution to the epic fail of the Judeo-Christian god meme is to become the god.  Once you realize that, then the next step is to find the hammer and some Jews.

when your judeo christian religion fails turj to the hammer of the gods


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