To My Loved Ones I Left Behind



To my loved ones I left behind
my heart weeps from the separation
every day I think of you
and wonder what you have become

cedar leaf

I can not be with you
for the simple reason
that my life took an expected turn
I choose the fork in the road toward increased freedom

I can not describe the feeling
of being liberated
from the unholy system
of the Jewish inspired control grid

I have tried to write an apology letter
but I can not
it is false, an obligation
that I can not meet

How can I apologize
for being true to myself?
How can I write an apology
when I am living my truth?

So I am writing this poem
of how I feel
so that you will know
I still love you with all my heart and soul

Things are the way they are
because the coercion is normal
humans legally bound in some sort of hell
created by their inner most beliefs

There is no greater evil
than Jewish controlled America today
the vast stretched global empire
of death and destruction

To live within this Jewish Order is a death sentence
to be free of it is life
to pay tribute in taxes
is death to one’s spirit

I wish you would join me
living a life of freedom
but it is such a huge jump
that most won’t even consider it

I can not change your minds
nor will I try
for I acted on my internal feelings
guided by my own inner light

It took everything I had inside
to break free and make the jump
I did it in tears, my body shaking
knowing I would never see you again

The anguish haunts me
my soul bleeding and wounded
my heart longs to see you
but to do so risks everything

Who am I to suggest
to break free
to let go all fear
and embrace pure love?

Who am I to impose on what you want?
I can not and I will not
You choose to stay
Perhaps you feel left behind

But that is not true
you are not left behind
I am with you all the way
as much as now as then

I my heart stretches out
across time and space
my love finds a way to you
know that my love for you is ever present

What happened to me was inevitable
of me following my own vibration
I detest the Jewish system
I resent the Talmudic control

I am free, I am me
I must be true to my own self
I love everything and everyone
I hope you understand me

There is no authority
we are all sovereign divine beings
no one has any right to police others
we all exercise our own free will

I do not watch the the Jewtube
the endless Jewish subversive propaganda
I do not read the news
endless lies printed by evil Jews

If you can’t see what is going on
it is ok with me
but you will suffer
until your awakening

Until your spirit breaks free
of the evil Jewish machinations
of the glitter and bling dazzling your eyes
you will stay comfortably numb in the system

If you can’t see that love
is the only thing that you desire
than how can I convince you
to leave the cell phone behind?

Imagine being at the Gathering all the time
always in the flow, always in the natural way
living wild and free
as Nature intended

Connected by love
connected by feelings
connected by thoughts
connected by hearts

Imagine only moving by love
never in a rush
no place to go to
only moving when moved

Imagine living a life of love
with nothing to show for it
no car and no cellphone
no rent or light bill

Imagine breathing under clear skies
no laced atmosphere raining impurities
into your heart and soul
breathing electromagnetic free air

Imagine a Bohemian Wigwam
colorful tapestries bathed in candle light
fluttering in the night wind
as love making commences

I can not change the system
I can not change what happened
I can not change your mind
I can not do anything but love

So know that you are loved
now and forever
for all time and space
know that I think about you night and day

I appreciate and feel for you
I hope the best for you
I will always love you
like a supernova exploding into infinity

Perhaps we shall meet again
The Universe has it ways
they say there’s a plan to it all
but it is just Nature evolving with no plan

Until then I send my love
until then I send light
until then I shall love you
now and forever


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